Tree shrew adenovirus 1 TSAdV1 A

strain of Tree shrew adenovirus in the genus Mastadenovirus.

Brinckmann U et al (1983) EMBO J 2, 2185 Faissner A et al (1980) Intervirology 14, 272

tree shrew herpesvirus Synonym for tupaiid herpesvirus 1.

tree shrew paramyxovirus A cytopathic virus from kidneys of a tree shrew, Tupaia belangeri, proved to be a para-

trypsin myxovirus with some homology to Hendra virus.

Tidona CA et al (1999) Virology 258, 425

tree shrew retrovirus A possible species in the genus Gammaretrovirus. An endogenous virus demonstrable in the placenta of a prosimian tree shrew, Tupaia belan-geri, at full term. Could be activated in embryo skin cultures by treatment with idoxuridine.

Flugel RM et al (1978) Nature 271, 543

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