UR2 University of Rochester sarcoma virus 2 sarcoma virus UR2SV A

species in the genus Alpharetrovirus. A defective virus in which the RNA genome is only 3.2kb in length, and carries the ros oncogene, encoding a phosphotyrosine kinase. Transforms chicken and rat embryo fibroblasts and induces sarcomas and fibromas in chickens.

Balduzzi PC et al (1981) J Virol 40, 268A

uracil A pyrimidine base, one of two principal bases in RNA. Can be formed in DNA by the deamination of cytosine, which in turn gives a point mutation as it is replicated to give adenine. See nucleic acid.

uracil-DNA glycosylase A highly conserved gene in all herpesviruses except channel catfish virus, which removes deaminated cytosine and misincorpo-rated uracil residues from DNA.

uridine The nucleoside of uracil and ribose. See nucleic acid.

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