Wettail of hamsters See hamster enteritis

Wexford virus (WEXV) A serotype of Great Island virus in the genus Orbivirus, belonging to the Great Island complex, Kemerovo serogroup. Isolated from a pool of engorged ticks, Ixodes uriae, removed from a murre, Uria aalge, on Great Saltee Island, Eire in 1980.

Whataroa virus (WHAV) A species in the genus Alphavirus. Isolated from mosquitoes and birds in New Zealand. No known association with disease. Closely related to Sindbis virus.

Miles JAR et al (1971) Aust J Exp Biol Med Sci 49, 365

wheat germ extract A preparation used for cell-free translation of messenger RNAs from viruses or cells.

Inglis SC et al (1977) Virology 78, 522

Whispovirus A name proposed for a new genus of large double-stranded DNA viruses that cause white spot syndrome, a serious disease of farmed shrimp worldwide.

van Hulten MCW et al (2000) J Gen Virol 81, 307

whitepox virus Variola virus produces white pocks on the chick CAM, whereas monkeypox normally produces red (hem-orrhagic) pocks. A virus isolated in a Russian laboratory from healthy cynomol-gus monkeys in Holland, a chimpanzee shot in W Africa, a sun squirrel, and a multimammate mouse, Mastomys natalen-sis, produced CPE in cell cultures and white pocks on the CAM like Variola virus. The observation could not be repeated, and later was found to have arisen by contamination with Variola virus.

Marennikova SM and Shelukhina EM (1978) Nature 276, 291

Wollan virus

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