Wistar KingAptekman WKA rats A

strain of laboratory rat which is persistently infected by the retrovirus human T-lymphotropic virus 1, and can be used to study pathogenesis of that virus.

Ishiguro N et al (1992) J Exp Med 176, 981

Witwatersrand virus (WITV) An unas-signed virus in the family Bunyaviridae. Isolated from a mosquito, Culex rubirotus, and rodents in Uganda, Mozambique and S Africa. Kills mice on injection. Probably non-pathogenic for humans.

WM 1504 E virus A possible species of the genus Gammaretrovirus. A non-transforming mouse virus. Wild mice trapped in Los Angeles County, USA were found to have progressive lower motor neuron paralysis of the hind legs. They also showed a high incidence of lymphomas. A C-type virus was present and the condition could be passed by inoculation of newborn wild or laboratory mice with extracts of tissue containing the virus. The neurological disease and the lymphoma appeared to be caused by the same virus.

Oldstone MBA et al (1977) Am J Pathol 88, 193

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