Wobble hypothesis See anticodon

Wollan virus An unclassified fecal virus associated with acute epidemic

Wollan virus

gastroenteritis in humans. Passed in volunteers given fecal extracts collected from a boarding-school outbreak in UK.

Wongal virus (WONV) A serotype of Koongol virus in the genus Bunyavirus. With Koongol virus forms the Koongol virus serogroup. Isolated from Culex annulirostris and Coquillettidia crassipes in Queensland, Australia. Not reported to cause disease in humans.

Wongorr virus (WGRV) A distinct species in the genus Orbivirus. First isolated from mosquitoes, Aedes lineato pennis, trapped in Queensland, Australia in 1970. Related to Parou River virus and Picola virus which together form the Wongorr serogroup. Experimental transmission to cattle, detected serologically, has been reported.

Parkes H and Gould AR (1996) Virus Res 49, 11

Table W1. Serotypes in the Wongorr virus grĀ°uP

Paroo river virus Picola virus

Wongorr virus CS131 (WGRV-CS131) Wongorr virus MRM13443 (WGRV-MRM13443) Wongorr virus V1447 (WGRV-V1447) Wongorr virus V195 (WGRV-V195) Wongorr virus V199 (WGRV-V199) Wongorr virus V595 (WGRV-V595)

Woodchuck hepatitis B virus (WHV) A

species in the genus Orthohepadnavirus, affecting woodchucks, Marmota monax, over a broad area of the eastern USA. Does not infect other species such as ground squirrel or other rodents. Woodchucks can be infected experimentally with the Ground squirrel hepatitis virus; however, the virus has not been grown in cell culture.

woodchuck herpesvirus Synonym for mar-modid herpesvirus 1.

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