Z-DNA A form of DNA with a left-handed (zig-zag) double helix and a single groove. Specific Z-DNA-binding proteins may control gene activity, since Z-DNA provides recognition signals in the regulation of gene transcription.

Wang A et al (1979) Nature 282, 680

Zaire Ebola virus (ZEBOV) See Ebola virus.

Table Z1. Strains of Zaire Ebola virus

Zaire Ebola virus Eckron Zaire Ebola virus Gabon Zaire Ebola virus Kikwit Zaire Ebola virus Mayinga Zaire Ebola virus Tandala Zaire Ebola virus Zaire

Zalcitabine (DDC) An antiviral drug, dideoxycytidine, which is active against HIV including some strains which are resistant to AZT. Similar in potency to AZT. Main toxic side-effect is peripheral neuropathy.

Bozzette SA et al (1995) JAMA 273, 295

Zaliv Terpeniya virus (ZTV) A strain of Uukuniemi virus in the genus Phlebovirus, belonging to the Uukuniemi virus serogroup. Isolated from ticks, Ixodes putus, collected on Tyuleniy Island in Patience Bay (Zaliv Terpeniya), Sakhalin region, and Commodore Island, Kamchatka region in the former USSR where there are sea bird colonies. Pathogenic for suckling mice. Not reported to cause disease in humans.

Lvov DK et al (1973) Arch Ges Virusforsch 41, 165

Zanamivir An anti-influenza virus drug that acts by inhibiting the virus neuraminidase. Can be used prophylacti-cally and is effective by oral inhalation. See Oseltalmivir, Tamiflu.

Hayden FG et al (2000) New Engl J Med 343, 1282

Zaysan virus A possible species in the genus Alphavirus, related to Semliki Forest virus. Isolated from mosquitoes in the Far East of the former USSR.

Slavik I et al (1976) Acta Virol, Prague 20, 177

Zegla virus (ZEGV) A species in the genus Bunyavirus, belonging to the Patois serogroup. Isolated from the cotton rat, Sigmodon hispidus, in Almirante, Panama, also in Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico. Not reported to cause disease in humans.

Zerit A trade name for stavudine, didehy-drodideoxyuridine (D4T), a thymidine kinase analog similar to AZT.

Hitchcock MJM (1991) Antivir Chem Chemother 2, 125

ZH548 virus A strain of Rift Valley fever virus, isolated in Egypt. Developed as a candidate vaccine against Rift Valley fever.

Brown JL et al (1981) Infect Immun 33, 848

Swine Influenza

Swine Influenza

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