Zidovudine See AZT azidothymidine

Zika virus (ZIKV) A species in the genus Flavivirus. Related antigenically to Spondweni virus. Isolated from humans, wild monkeys and mosquitoes, Aedes africanus, in Uganda, Nigeria, Central African Republic, Senegal and Malaysia. Experimental infection of rhesus monkeys causes a fever. In humans there is a febrile illness with rash.

Fagbami AH (1979) J Hyg, Camb 83, 213

zinc finger A structural region in a protein formed by folding a polypeptide chain with a 28-30 amino acid repeating motif into a loop centered on a zinc ion. Found mainly in DNA-binding proteins and believed to be involved in DNA-binding.

zinc salts Inhibit the cleavage of enterovirus proteins in vitro. This led to a clinical trial of zinc gluconate lozenges, but no zinc salts

beneficial effects were found when placebo-controlled trials were done.

Zinga virus An unclassified arbovirus. Isolated from Mansonia africana and Aedes sp mosquitoes, and also from humans. Antibodies found in birds, rodents, elephants, hogs, buffalo and hartebeest. Causes a febrile illness in humans.

Zingilamo virus An unclassified arbovirus. Antigenically related to Boteke virus. Isolated from a bird, Bycanistes sharpei, in the Central African Republic. Not reported to cause disease in humans.

Zirqa virus (ZIRV) A serotype of Hughes virus in the genus Nairovirus. Isolated from Ornithodoros muesebacki ticks collected on Zirqa Island, Persian Gulf. Not reported to cause disease in humans.

zona Synonym for shingles.

zoonosis A disease or an infection naturally transmitted between vertebrate animals and humans. However, the term has been frequently misunderstood. See Fiennes (1967) for a discussion of the etymology of this term and the various interpretations which have been placed upon it.

Fiennes R (1967) Zoonoses of Primates. London: Weidenfeld and Nicolson, p. 2

zoonotic viruses Viruses transmitted between animals and humans.

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