Duodenum Sparing Proximal Pancreatic Resection

Up to one-third of patients with chronic pancreatitis can develop an inflammatory mass predominantly at the head of the pancreas. The pancreatic head becomes enlarged,

Subtotal Pancreatectomy

Fig. 4. Subtotal pancreatectomy.


Fig. 4. Subtotal pancreatectomy.

and develops parenchymal calcifications, ductal calculi, and necrosis. When resection is considered, some centers advocate a pancreaticoduodenectomy. However, given that chronic pancreatitis is a non-malignant disease, a Whipple procedure may be excessive. The duodenum-sparing pancreatic head resection spares the stomach, duodenum, and the biliary tree, and results in decreased morbidity and mortality, but allows removal of the central portion of the diseased pancreatic head.

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