Mindbody therapies

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The aim of these therapies is to alter the quality of an individual's thoughts and thought processes. This could lead to psychological and possibly physiological change. As well as simple relaxation there is classical meditation involving various techniques


Patients are said to be able to overcome physical and emotional problems by imagining positive images and desired outcomes to specific situations, either alone or helped by a practitioner in a process known as guided imagery

A large body of evidence exists for the use of clinical hypnosis in supportive and palliative care. It may be useful to enhance the immune response, as an adjunct to more conventional forms of psychotherapy, to enhance coping ability, to enhance recovery from surgery, to reduce nausea related to chemotherapy, to increase tolerance of scanning and radiotherapy procedures, to reduce pain, in mood disturbance and emotional and psychological distress, to enhance quality of life, to reduce anxiety and depression

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