Touch therapies


Many plant species contain essential oils, which give them their distinctive smell. These oils can be condensed by a distillation process to create a concentrated aromatic solution. Practitioners believe that essential oils can have particular physiological or psychological effects Reflexology

Reflexology has its roots in traditional Chinese medicine. Practitioners apply pressure to specific zones on the soles and tops of the feet to assess the disease state of the patient and also to improve health. Massaging the points is thought to unblock energy pathways and restore normal energy flow


Massage is a generic term for various techniques that involve touching, pressing, or kneading the surfaces of the body to promote mental and physical relaxation

The evidence base for use of the touch therapies is growing. A wide range of uses includes helping to promote relaxation, alleviate anxiety, reduce depression, reduce pain, reduce nausea, alleviate symptoms such as breathlessness, alleviate side effects of chemotherapy, improve sleep pattern, reduce stress and tension, reduce psychological distress, provide emotional support, improve wellbeing and quality of life, encourage acceptance of altered body image

Staying Relaxed

Staying Relaxed

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