Exercises and Activities

• Passive knee extensions are performed with ice, and the heel on a block (Fig. 8.1).

• Passive knee flexion is performed by doing wall slides (Fig. 8.2).

• Quadriceps static sets are done with the patient in the sitting position and with a towel under the heel. Electrical muscle stimulation can be performed at the same time (Fig. 8.3).

• Gastrocnemius stretches are done with a towel around the foot. This also encourages knee extension (Fig 8.4).

Figure 8.2. Wall slides for passive knee flexion.
Figure 8.4. Gastrocnemius stretch with towel.
Figure 8.5. Passive flexion.

• Isometrics: Multirange of 90° to 60° (not beyond 60°), using Thera-Band or opposite leg.

• Quad set: Standing against wall, pushing back extending knee into rolled towel, progressing to straight leg raising to 30° in standing position.

• Passive flexion over the edge of the bed may be augmented by traction by the therapist (Fig. 8.5).

• Patellar mobilizations are performed by the therapist if the patellar mobility is becoming limited. (Fig. 8.6).

• Hip adductors/abductors strengthening as tolerated.

• Hamstrings: Active progress to resisted. (Do not do if hamstring reconstruction has been performed.)

• Proprioceptive exercises can be done by standing on the surgical leg, progressing to stork lifting free leg in front and behind or by using a rocker board (Fig. 8.7).

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