book such as this is only possible with the combined efforts of many dif ferent people. The labors to create it have spanned years and ultimately, the project outlived its editor. I apologize in advance for any names that should be among those listed here but were, instead, lost in the shuffle of an estate.

Special thanks must be given to Xinzhong Qian for making available to a western audience the contents of this book, already so familiar to Chinese doctors. It is with his help that we are able to broaden the scope of medical and botanical knowledge in the hopes that it leads to the ongoing refinement of the healing process around the world.

Humble thanks to Mengda Shu for offering her expertise at the last minute. Her efforts allowed me to believe that this project might actually reach a conclusion.

Thanks to Xiaodong Cai who appeared like a miracle with all the answers.

Susannah Brouwer, Harry Hong, Christina Liang, and Kevin Wang must be thanked for their tireless work on the translation and illustrations.

For their keen eyes and ready pens, thank you to Casaundra Williams, Marcia Warrant, Joan Scott, and Carol Fontein.

We are forever indebted to Susan Myatt for her unwavering loyalty.

Jing Nuan Wu was my father and he died before he could see this book published. It was a project he had been envisioning for years. I know he would have wanted to thank Ann Miller for all of her emotional support throughout the process. A final thank you to all of his colleagues and patients who kept him inspired. Their ten thousand different forms of support and guidance made his visions reality.

Elizabeth Yng-Wong

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