Bletilla striata Thunb Reichb f Fam Orchidaceae


Bletilla striata (Thunb.) Reichb. f. (Fam. Orchidaceae) I. Whole plant with flowers; 2. Petal; 3. Infructescence pharmaceutical name Radix Boehmeriae english name ramie root part used dried root

Radix Boehmeriae is produced in most provinces in China. It is collected in summer and autumn, dried in sunlight, sliced, and used unprepared.

flavor, property, and channel tropism

Sweet in flavor, cold in property, acts on the Heart and the Liver channels.


Arrests bleeding by clearing Blood Heat, clears Blood Heat to prevent abortion, and is a diuretic.

clinical use and major combinations

For bleeding due to Blood Heat, including hemoptysis, epistaxis, metrorrhagia, and hematuria, Radix Boehmeriae (Zhu Ma Gen) is used alone or with Radix Sanguisorbae Officinalis (Di Yu), Herba Cirsii Segeti (Xiao Ji), and Cacumen Platycladi (Ce Bai Ye).

For threatened abortion and vaginal bleeding during pregnancy, it is used with Radix Scutellariae (Huang Qin) and Caulis Bambusae In Taeniis (Zhu Ru), or it is used with Radix Angelicae Sinensis (Dang Gui) and Colla Corii Asini (A Jiao), as in the "Radix Boehmeriae Decoction" (Zhu Gen Tang).

For Damp Heat gonorrhea, it is used with Rhi-zoma Imperatae (Bai Mao Gen) and Semen Plan-taginis (Che Qian Zi).

For sores, boils, and carbuncles due to Heat, fresh Radix Boehmeriae (Zhu Ma Gen) can be crushed for topical application.

dosage and administration io—30 g, decocted in water for an oral dose. Appropriate quantity for external use.


None noted.

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