Chinese Materia Medica

Jing-Nuan Wu an illustrated Chinese Materia Medica

Isbn 514017

Jing-Nuan Wu


Chinese Materia Medica



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Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Wu, Jing-Nuan, 1933-2002

An illustrated Chinese materia medica / Jing-Nuan Wu. p. cm.

Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN-13 978-0-19-514017-0 ISBN 0-19-514017-6

i. Materia medica, Vegetable—China. 2. Medicine, Chinese. 3. Herbs—Therapeutic use—China. RS180.C5 W785 2001 615'. 32'0951—dc2i 00-058472

Dose schedules are being continually revised and new side effects recognized. Oxford University Press and the author make no representation, express or implied, that the dosages in this book are correct. For these reasons readers are strongly urged to consult with a physician before starting any herbal treatment.


Printed in China on acid-free paper

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