Mobility aids

Before the definitive prosthesis is issued, some patients may be suitable for mobility aids.

The amputee mobility aid (AMA) is suitable for below-knee and through-knee amputees only. The stump is supported and stabilized by an inflatable bag, which also assists in reducing oedema. It is a physical and psychological boost to get the patient on his feet early. It has a knee joint.

The pneumatic postamputation mobility aid (PPAM aid) has an inflatable socket and is suitable for above-knee, through-knee and below-knee amputees.

The skin should always be checked before and after use of mobility aids.

When the amputation stump is slow to heal, special prostheses can be used to facilitate weightbearing and reduce pressure on the stump (Fig. 7.3).

Fig. 7.3 This patient is wearing an interim prosthesis with felt cup, corset and metal shin.

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