Transmetatarsal and midfoot amputations

Amputations through the forefoot and mid-foot include the transmetatarsal, Lisfranc and Chopart amputations. The Lisfranc amputation is performed at the tarsometatarsal joints and the Chopart amputation is performed at the mid-tarsal joints (Fig. 8.26). Mid-foot amputations frequently develop equinovarus deformity, which requires Achilles tendon lengthening or tenotomy. When preoperative criteria are met, healing occurs in > 80% of transmetatarsal and mid-foot amputations.

Fig. 8.25 Fifth ray amputation, (a) Partial amputation of the right 5th ray. The distal portion of the wound was left open, (b) Appearance of the right foot healed after delayed wound closure, (c) Anteroposterior radiograph reveals resection of the distal two-thirds of the 5th metatarsal.

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