Ulcer with surrounding erythema

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There will usually be local signs of infection as described above. There is a localized erythema, warmth and swelling usually associated with ulceration, although the portal of entry of infection may be a corn, callus, blister, fissure or any other skin break (Fig. 5.8).

In the darkly pigmented foot, cellulitis can be difficult to detect, but careful comparison with the other foot may reveal a tawny hue.

Fig. 5.8 This interdigital ulcer has associated local erythema.
Erythema The Dorsum The Foot
Fig. 5.9 There is diffuse cellulitis spreading over the dorsum of the foot from an ischaemic ulcer on the medial border (arrow).

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How To Deal With Rosacea and Eczema

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