Diabetes associations for patients and health professionals

American Diabetes Association (Patient and Professional),

1660 Duke Street,


Virginia VA 22314,


Tel: 001-703-549-1500

Fax: 001-703-549-6995

Australian Diabetes Society (Professional),

145 Macquarie Street,

Sydney, NSW 2000,


Tel: 0061-9256-5462 Fax: 0061-9251-8174

<www.racp.edu.au> e-mail <[email protected]>

Diabetes UK (Patient and Professional),

10 Parkway,

London NW1 7AA,

Tel: 0044-20-7424-1000 <www.diabetes.org.uk>

Canadian Diabetes Association (Patient and Professional),

PO Box 12013,

Station BRM B,

Toronto, Ontario, M7Y 2L3,


<www.diabetes.ca> Diabetes Australia (Patient), 1st Floor Churchill House, 218 Northbourne Avenue, Braddon ACT 2612, Australia.


Diabetes New Zealand (Patient), PO Box 54, 1 Conquest Street, Oamaru, New Zealand.

<www.diabetes.org.nz> e-mail <[email protected]>

European Association for Study of Diabetes (Professional),

Rheindorfer Weg 3, D-40591,



Tel: 0049-211-7584690 Fax: 0049-211-75846929 <www.easd.org>

e-mail <[email protected]>

Diabetes Federation of Ireland (Patient), 76 Lower Gardiner Street, Dublin 1, Ireland.

Tel and fax: 00353-1836-3022

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International,

120 Wall Street,

New York,

NY 10005-4001,


Tel: 001-212-785-9595 <wwwjdrf.org/mdex.php>

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, 19, Angel Gate, London, ECIV 2PT, UK.

Tel: 0044-20-7713-2030 Fax: 0044-20-7713-2031 <www.jdrf.org.uk>

National Diabetes International Clearing House,


1 Information Way,


MD 20892-3560,


New Zealand Society for the Study of Diabetes (Professional),

East Riding,

Whiterocks Road,

6-D RD Oamaru,

New Zealand.

Tel and fax: 0064-343-48110

Society for Endocrinology, Metabolism and Diabetes of South Africa (Professional),

PO Box 783155,

Sandton 2146,


South Africa.

Tel: 0027-11/202-0500

Fax: 0027-11/807-7989

e-mail <[email protected]>

South African Diabetes Association (Patient),

PO Box 3943,

Cape Town 8000,

South Africa.


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[An extensively illustrated text.] Bilous R. HOPE and other recent trials of antihypertensive therapy in Type 2 diabetes. In: Amiel S, ed. Horizons in Medicine.

Royal College of Physicians of London, 2002. Bliss M. The Discovery of Insulin. Edinburgh: Paul Harris Publishing, 1983. [A masterful account of the events surrounding the discovery of insulin.]

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