Management of insulin treated diabetes during day surgery

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Patients with insulin treated diabetes requiring an anaesthetic for relatively minor operations or investigative procedures (for example, barium radiological examinations, cystoscopy, endoscopy, etc.) can be treated as day cases without hospital admission provided that:

• the procedure is undertaken in the morning first on the list (if the procedure is performed first on an afternoon list, a light breakfast is taken after half the normal insulin dose, followed by regular blood glucose monitoring)

• the procedure does not exceed approximately one hour in duration

• the patient will be able to eat and drink within one hour of the procedure

• the patient is able to self-monitor blood glucose and adjust insulin appropriately.

The blood glucose should be rechecked before discharge. If significant problems with diabetes c°ntr°l pCTS^ then hospital The photograph of blood glucose and ketone meter is with permission from admission may be required after all. MediSense.

Instructions for management of insulin treated diabetes in day surgery

• The procedure should be performed after an overnight fast

• Insulin is taken on the previous evening as usual

• Insulin and breakfast are omitted on the morning of the procedure

• The blood glucose must be measured before leaving home and again before the procedure is commenced.

• If the blood glucose is less than 6-0mmol/l a 10% dextrose drip is needed

• Within one hour after completion of the procedure, the normal morning insulin dose should be administered followed by appropriate food and fluid giving the equivalent amount of carbohydrate to the usual breakfast

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