The story of Mrs BJ continued starting insulin

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I was put in a Women's ward where I was given my first dose of insulin. I can remember vividly my parents' first visit and my mother's anxious face as she walked down the ward, with one enormous white chrysanthemum in her hand. She had expected to see me prone and white and half dead, not sitting up and a picture of health.

I had a lesson on how insulin burnt up the sugar and produced energy, so that I could return to my former activities, and before long I was doing my own injections. I stayed in hospital for three weeks. The Sunday before I was discharged, my parents were asked to come to the diabetic kitchen to witness me doing my insulin and explaining what I was eating and how it had to be calculated. My mother did not see the injection, having passed out, and she told Sister Wheeler that she would never understand the diet. Sister replied "Don't worry about it. She knows, so give her what she tells you". Such confidence was well founded, as my mother never got the hang of it, and I used to write out the amount of potato etc. before I went to school, and my mother would weigh it up before serving it.

They bought all the necessary equipment from King's when I was discharged, including a very solid metal syringe case which I used constantly until it became redundant with the advent of U100 insulin, and also a copy of RD Lawrence's book "A Diabetic ABC". I also had a marvellous pair of German-made scales which would weigh up to 2lbs."

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