Social life

1 Work out ways to improve all of your social relationships, from family to friends to those with whom you work. Consider in detail any intimate relationships you have had or are currently having and list their good and bad qualities. Develop ways in which they could be improved. Think about all the types of love you have experienced and, again, work out ways in which they could be improved by changes in your own behaviour and attitudes.

2 Work out ways to improve your own communication with other people, both verbally and non-verbally. Spend time paying close attention to your body language and compare it with that of other people. Develop ways to improve it. Study effective communicators and work out ways to make your own communication more effective.

3 Think about all of the communication networks of which you are a part and develop ways in which they might be improved. Ask yourself genuine and penetrating questions about whether or not you use stereotypes about other people and whether or not you are ever prejudiced and practise discrimination. Develop a personal programme to ensure that this no longer happens.

4 Consider your own leadership and follower behaviour and work out ways in which they can be more effective. Think about whether you would prefer to be a transactional or a transformational leader, and why. If you very much dislike taking the lead, try to work out why this is and whether or not you are content to continue in this way.

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