Other Applications of Mixed Models

In this chapter the use of mixed models in a variety of situations is considered. In Chapters 5, 6 and 7wecovered three different types of data structure: hierarchical; repeated measures; and crossed. Designs with a combination of these features can also arise and someofthese are considered in Sections 8.1-8.4.In Section 8.5 the matched case-control study data are considered, and in Section 8.6 a covariance pattern model is used to allow treatment groups to have different variances in a simple between-patient study. The examples in Sections 8.7-8.14 have arisen from consultancy work and have a variety of structures. In Section 8.15, we look at bioequivalence studies with replicate cross-over designs. The use of mixed models in the analysis of cluster randomised trials in Section 8.16 completes the chapter.

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