Rib Cage Pectoral Girdle Upper Armanterior View

(Ribs partially removed, right arm disarticulated)

What Need Know About Ribs

29. Clavicle 30a. Manubrium (sternum) 30b. Body (sternum) 30c. Xiphoid process (sternum) 31c. Tubercle of rib 31 d. Angle of rib 32. Costal cartilage 33d. Acromion (scapula) 33e. Coracoid process (scapula) 33f. Supraglenoid tubercle (scapula) 33I. Subscapular fossa (scapula)

36a. Greater tuberosity (tubercle) of humerus

36b. Lesser tuberosity of humerus

36c. Intertubercular (bicipital) groove (humerus)

36d. Deltoid tuberosity (humerus)

37a. Radial tuberosity (radius)

38a. Ulnar tuberosity (ulna)

38b. Coronoid process (ulna)

92. Lateral lumbocostal arch (lateral arcuate ligament)*

93. Medial lumbocostal arch (medial arcuate ligament)

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