The authors acknowledge the indispensable help of Rich Murphy, Beth Hutchins, Daniel Giroux, and Muralidhara Ramachandra for input, advice, and editing of the manuscript. The work presented here is a compilation of effort by many individuals over the past 7 years. In particular, we thank and acknowledge Bernie Huyghe, Daniel Giroux, Mark Horn, Xioa-Dong Lui, Suganto Sutjipto, Erno Pungor, Estuardo Aguilar-Cordova, Douglas Cornell, Mary Nunnaly, Kai Tam, Ann Goudreau, Nancy Connelly, Cassandra Nyberg-Hoffman, Jing Zhou, Fred Porter, Andreas Frei, Barry Sugarman, Margarita Nodelman, Josefina Beltran, Anastasia Sofianos, Karli Watson, Thomas Schluep, Susan Miller, Shu-Fen Wen, Tattanahalli Nagabhushan, and Michael Shepard.

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