Gene Transfer Vectors

There are two main types of gene delivery vectors: viral and non-viral vectors. Retroviruses/lentiviruses, recombinant herpes simplex virus, adeno-viruses, and adeno-associated viruses are the most common viral vectors that have been used for the delivery of genes into the CNS. More recently, there have been studies also about the possible use of Baculoviruses (Lehtolainen, 2002, Tani, 2003) Semliki Forest viruses (SFV) (Lundstrom, 2001), Sindbis virus (Ehrengruber, 2002) and recombinant Simian virus-40 (SV40) (Cordelier, 2003) for gene therapy in the brain.

Midsagittal Label Cns
Target cell

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