Long thoracic nerve

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Long Thoracic Nerve

Fig. 28. Long thoracic nerve palsy after thoracic surgery. A Note winging of caudal edge of the scapula. B Scar after thoracic surgery

Fibers stem from the ventral rami of C5-7, and travel through the dorsal part of Anatomy the plexus. The nerve traverses the middle scalene muscle, and then passes below the brachial plexus on the thoracic wall. The nerve contains motor fibers exclusively for the serratus anterior muscle (Fig. 27).

Dull ache in the shoulder, affected shoulder seems lower, weakness of arm Symptoms abduction, no sensory abnormalities.

Atrophy with scapular winging (Fig. 28) Signs

Restriction of abduction and flexion of the arm above shoulder level.

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