■ Selected Class II-III-IV splenic injury with the following:

■ Hemodynamic stability

■ No evidence of other intra-abdominal organ injury

■ No associated head injury

■ No coagulopathy

■ CT confirmation of isolated splenic injury Elective

■ Resection of non-parasitic cysts

■ Hamartomas and other benign splenic tumors

■ Inflammatory pseudotumor of the spleen, Type J Gaucher's disease

■ Cholesteryl ester storage disease, chronic myelogenous leukemia

■ Thalassemia major, spherocytosis, staging of Hodgkin's disease in children

■ Inability to mobilize the spleen and tail of pancreas to the midline

■ Inability to leave >25 % of splenic mass for complete splenic function


Inadequate exposure

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