The common type of diverticula (Zenker's) is not actually of esophageal origin, but arises from the relatively bare triangle of mucosa located between the inferior pharyngeal constrictors and the cricopharyngeal muscle (Killian's triangle). Zenker's diverticula are 10 times more common than other esophageal diverticula.

Zenker's diverticula are so called false diverticula and are classified according to Lahey:

Stage I: No symptoms, local mild inflammation Stage II: Dysphagia and regurgitation

Stage III: Esophageal obstruction, dysphagia, and regurgitation Indications and Contraindications

Indications ■ Progress over time. Treatment is recommended for patients who have moderate to severe symptoms/complications (pneumonia or aspiration)

Contraindication ■ Severe physical constitution

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