Local Complications

- Intra-abdominal abscess/pancreatic anastomotic leak

- Fever, leukocytosis, ileus, abdominal distention, usually after postoperative days 4-5

- Abdomen/pelvic CT

- CT-guided aspiration and percutaneous catheter drainage if an infected fluid collection develops

- GDA-enteric fistula

- Gastrointestinal or drain tract bleeding rare before postoperative day 10

- Usually due to pancreatic anastomotic leak with surrounding infection and inflammation resulting in GDA stump blowout

- Treatment of choice is angiography with hepatic artery stenting or embolization, not operative exploration unless as a last resort

- Delayed gastric emptying

- Jejunostomy tube placement allows use of enteral feeding which prevents the need for intravenous alimentation if poor gastric emptying occurs

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