Epidemiology Pathology And Taxonomy Geographical distribution

Bacterial kidney disease is commonly observed in cultured salmonid stocks from North America, continental Europe, Japan (Fryer and Sanders, 1981), South America (Sanders and Barros, 1986), Scotland (Bruno, 1986c) and Scandinavia (Ljungberg et al., 1990; Gudmundsdottir et al., 1993). Significant populations of free-ranging fish also harbour R. salmoninarum (Pippy, 1969; Evelyn et al., 1973; Ellis et al., 1978; Mitchum et al., 1979; Paterson et al, 1979, 1981b; Banner et al., 1986; Souter et al., 1986; Elliott and Pascho, 1991; Sanders et al., 1992, Meyers et al., 1993).

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