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Running your solution and reviewing its effectiveness are crucial to your success. You've gone through the problem-solving process, and now it's time to turn all that work into action. Decide when would be a good time to execute your plan, and do it! Afterward, evaluate how your plan worked.

Derrick decides to improve his communication and social skills, so he completes the actions he selected earlier in the process. Worksheet 12-12 shows Derrick's reflections on how his solution goes.

Worksheet 12-12 Derrick's Running and Reviewing: R.

[ think some of these strategies are working for me. Just last week, I was chosen to take the lead on a project. That's a first. And I've noticed that other people are seeking me out for advice more. The talk I gave last week actually went okay; I didntfaint. At this point, I want to improve my presentation skills further by taking a class at the university This feels like a good start.

As you can see, Derrick's plan works out pretty well. Yours may or may not. If your plan isn't a rousing success, be sure to include in your running and reviewing stage any ideas for either continuing what you're doing or making alterations to your game plan. You can even run through the S.O.C.C.E.R. problem-solving process anew.

Use Worksheet 12-13 to record your reflections on the running and reviewing of your problem solutions.

Worksheet 12-13

My Running and Reviewing: R.

Many people like to lay the S.O.C.C.E.R. problem-solving process all out in a single form, like the one shown in Worksheet 12-14. You can use this type of form after you've already chosen your best option(s).

Worksheet 12-14





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