Overcoming Obstacles to Change

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Changing Negative Thinking

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^ Uncovering change-blocking beliefs ^ Busting beliefs ^ Sleuthing self-sabotage ^ Slicing through self-sabotage ou don't wan? to feel depressed or anxious. And at times it probably seems as if you have no choice but to feel that way. You want to do something about your distress, but you may feel overwhelmed and incapable. Truth is, you can do something about your predicament. But first, you have to understand and overcome the obstacles in your mind that prevent you from taking action and moving forward.

In this chapter, we help you uncover assumptions or beliefs you may have that make it hard for you to tackle your problems. After you identify the beliefs that stand in your way, you can use a tool we provide to remove these obstacles from your path. We also help you discover whether you're unconsciously sabotaging your own progress. If you discover that you're getting in your own way, we show you how to rewrite your self-defeating script.

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Belief Change 101

Belief Change 101

Do you suffer from a habit or a behavior or a repetitive thought pattern that keeps you from being who you want to be? Do you try to change this or that aspect of your life, but wind up right back where you started? You're not alone! Millions of Americans try to make changes, but the whopping majority fail exceptionally.

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