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I can see that I do have signs of depression. I didn't realize that before. And I see that depression particularly shows up in my body. It's affecting my energy, sex drive, and appetite. It's also making me withdraw from my girlfriend, which I can see from my loss of sex drive and lack of desire to be with her Apparently, I also have a few symptoms of anxiety, and I think I always have. It's time to do something about this.

This is the Anxiety & Depression Workbook For Dummies. You can't feel better without doing a little work. It isn't that difficult. Of course, you can skip a few exercises, but the more you do, the sooner you'll start feeling better. Odd as it may seem, writing things down does a world of good. Writing helps you remember, clarifies your thinking, and increases focus and reflection.

Now, complete your own Personal Problems Profile in Worksheet 1-7. Look back at the quizzes earlier in this chapter and underline the most problematic thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and relationship issues for you. Then choose up to ten of the most significant items that you've underlined and write them in the My Personal Problems Profile space that's provided.

In addition, put an A by the symptoms that are most indicative of anxiety (even-numbered items in the preceding quizzes) and a D by symptoms that are most consistent with depression (odd-numbered items).

Worksheet 1-7

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How To Win Your War Against Anxiety Disorders

How To Win Your War Against Anxiety Disorders

Tips And Tricks For Relieving Anxiety... Fast Everyone feels anxious sometimes. Whether work is getting to us or we're simply having hard time managing all that we have to do, we can feel overwhelmed and worried that we might not be able to manage it all. When these feelings hit, we don't have to suffer. By taking some simple steps, you can begin to create a calmer attitude, one that not only helps you feel better, but one that allows you the chance to make better decisions about what you need to do next.

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