Worksheet 23The Current Culprits Survey

1. In the past year or so, have I lost anyone I care about through death, divorce, or prolonged separation?

2. Have I suffered from any serious physical injury or illness?

3. Have finances caused me any difficulty recently? Or have I made any major purchases such as a new house or car?

4. Am I having arguments or conflicts with anyone?

5. Are there problems at work such as new responsibilities, longer hours, or poor management?

6. Have I made any major changes in my life such as retirement, a new job, or a new relationship?

7. Do I have major responsibility for the care of a parent or child?

8. Do I have daily hassles such as a long commute, disturbing noises, or poor living conditions?

You may notice that a few of the items above have positive aspects to them. For example, retirement or the purchase of a new home may be exciting. However, all major changes, whether positive or negative, carry significant stress that tags along for the ride.

Drawing Conclusions

You didn't ask for depression or anxiety. Your distress is understandable if you examine the three major contributors: biology/genetics, your personal history, and the stressors in your world. Take a moment to summarize in Worksheet 2-4 what you believe are the most important origins and contributors to your depression or anxiety.

Retirement Planning For The Golden Years

Retirement Planning For The Golden Years

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