In the early days, the painstaking and time-consuming task of endoscope reprocessing was exclusively performed manually. In many of today's busy GI endoscopy centers, endoscope reprocessing is often accomplished using an AER. Each of these AERs automates "Stage 2," during which the endoscope is completely immersed in an LCS and its channels are automatically flushed with the LCS. All AERs rinse the endoscope with fresh filtered water after high-level disinfection. Manual cleaning ("Stage 1") of the endoscope, its channels, and removable components is required before automated reprocessing. Manual drying ("Stage 3") of the endoscope's channels is also required after both automated and manual reprocessing. Each AER on the market is associated with its own unique set of advantages and disad

*Editor's Note: Storage after disinfection is not dilineated in this otherwise comprehensive chapter.

vantages. Factors to consider when selecting an AER include its overall reprocessing time, its ability to reduce, if not eliminate exposure of reprocessing staff to the LCS and its odor and vapors, the ease with which it can be operated and connected to complex endoscopes, its size and footprint, whether it has been reported to support bacterial colonization in its internal plumbing and components, its ability to document and record important reprocessing and clinical parameters, its compatibility with different LCSs on the market, its initial cost and cost per cycle, and the cost of required accessories, such as bacterial water filters, which can be expensive.

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Constipation Prescription

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