Anal Stenosis

Anorectal strictures are commonly found on digital rectal examination in patients with perianal CD. Most patients with mild stenosis are asymptomatic. When the degree of stenosis becomes severe enough to cause difficulty with evacuation, most patients respond to simple finger dilatation. In 1986, Bernard and colleagues reported on seven patients with anal stenosis. Patients eventually responded to anal dilation. The historical four-finger dilatation should, of course, be avoided in patients because risk of incontinence is prohibitive.

Although short, mild strictures respond to gentle dilatation, long strictures in general do not. Patients with these more problematic strictures have a very high likelihood of coming to proctectomy. Keighley and Allen in 1986 and Linares and colleagues in 1988 documented that up to 86% of their patients with severe stenosis had to be diverted.

Constipation Prescription

Constipation Prescription

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