Anastomotic Leakage

Fortunately, leakage at the pouch-anus anastomosis is rare, especially when the anastomosis is protected by a diverting ileostomy. Most surgical series report this as less than 10%, though some higher rates are reported. Anastomotic leakage typically causes pelvic pain and abscess. Pouch dysfunction is exemplified by painful, incomplete evacuation, and excessive frequency. Demonstration of a leak with a retrograde barium contrast study (pouchogram) is usually diagnostic. Occasionally, a pouch-vaginal or pouch-perineal fistula may develop in association with anastomotic leakage; this should always raise the question of unrecognized Crohn's disease (CD). However, further investigation should be delayed until after the initial postoperative period. Treatment is surgical, and may require intestinal diversion, drainage of an abscess if present, and possibly revision of the pouch.

Constipation Prescription

Constipation Prescription

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