CCK Receptor Antagonists

A recent multicenter, dose-response controlled trial was conducted in Japan to evaluate the efficacy of the CCK receptor antagonist, loxiglumide, in patients with abdom inal pain associated with chronic pancreatitis (Shiratori et al, 2002). Two hundred and seven patients were randomly assigned to several dosages of loxiglumide for 4 weeks or a placebo. The overall clinical improvement was 46 to 58% in the loxiglumide categories versus 34% in the placebo group. In another study, a patient with abdominal pain associated with chronic pancreatitis had elevated blood CCK levels and analgesia produced by morphine appeared to be reduced. The patient was treated with proglumide, a nonspecific CCK receptor antagonist, and analgesia improved markedly. The patient derived consistent analgesia from the use of proglumide alone. It was theorized that proglumide-induced analgesia would be reduced in chronic pancreatitis patients who have elevated CCK levels.

Constipation Prescription

Constipation Prescription

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