Clinical Presentation

In many patients, ampullary adenomas are asymptomatic, and are found when endoscopy is performed for evaluation of dyspepsia or reflux symptoms or for screening in patients with familial polyposis. The presenting symptom of patients with ampullary adenomas is variable and usually relates to obstruction of the biliary or pancreatic ducts, anemia, or duodenal obstruction. Jaundice is the most frequent presenting symptom, seen in up to 75% of symptomatic patients, with weight loss and nonspecific abdominal pain seen in up to 40% of patients, and anemia in up to 20% of patients. Duodenal obstruction and pancreatitis are less common.

Constipation Prescription

Constipation Prescription

Did you ever think feeling angry and irritable could be a symptom of constipation? A horrible fullness and pressing sharp pains against the bladders can’t help but affect your mood. Sometimes you just want everyone to leave you alone and sleep to escape the pain. It is virtually impossible to be constipated and keep a sunny disposition. Follow the steps in this guide to alleviate constipation and lead a happier healthy life.

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