Several large prospective trials of PEG placement have evaluated the efficacy and safety of the procedure. The frequency of complications observed in the various reports depends upon the definitions used and the population studied. Overall, minor complications were found in 4 to 13% (mean 7%), whereas major complications were found in 1 to 4% (mean 3%). Although major complications are uncommon, mortality associated with major complications was reported at 25% (Foutch et al, 1992). Aspiration and peritonitis were the most common causes for procedure-related mortality Major complications include aspiration pneumonia, peritonitis, premature removal of the gastrostomy tube, tube migration through the gastric wall, perforation, gas-trocolocutaneous fistula, hemorrhage, necrotizing fasciitis, and tumor implantation at the PEG site.

Minor complications include wound infection, inflammation, leakage around the gastrostomy tube, formation of granulation tissue, tube blockage, and fragmentation.

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