Complications of Upper GI Tract Embolization

In general, the most significant complication of embolotherapy is that of organ infarction, or inadvertent embolization of other "nontarget" organs (eg, spleen). This occurs in 1 to 4% of cases. Fortunately, the "nontarget" organ embolization is usually well tolerated (eg, a small coil inadvertently enters a hepatic artery branch during GDA embolization). Infrequently, "nontarget" organ embolizations can be destructive (eg, loss of a coil in the hepatic artery during GDA embolization in the setting where the patient has portal vein thrombosis).

If vasopressin is used, bowel ischemia, bowel infarction, angina, serious catheter entry site, or systemic (ie, drug induced) complications, may occur. Examples of the latter include cerebral edema and electrolyte imbalances.

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