Esophagus Superficial Esophageal Cancer

When EMR is applied in patients with superficial cancer, the 5-year survival rate is up to 95%. A preoperative evaluation of the patients by means of endoscopic ultra-sonography (EUS) is desirable to assess the lymph nodes. Neoplastic infiltration may be suspected in lymph nodes larger than 10 mm with hypoechoic pattern. It is possible to detect preoperatively 50 to 80% of infiltrated lymph nodes. High frequency ultrasonography probes of 20 and 30 MHz can improve the evaluation of superficial tumors.

The EMR of 25 superficial esophageal cancers (m1), performed either "en-bloc" (72%) or piecemeal (28%), did not show recurrences after a mean follow-up of 2 years. Shimizu and colleagues (2002) evaluated 26 patients with SCC invading the muscularis mucosa or the submucosa, compared with 44 patients with the same characteristics who underwent surgery. Survival was similar in the two groups (77.4% vs 84.5%) (Bergmann and Beger, 2003).

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