Head - Whipple

Neck, body-central

Tail - distal pancreatectomy

Liver Metastasis (Biopsy to diagnose)

Single lobe disease

Diffuse disease

Single lobe disease

Lesion Resection if surgical

Not found candidate

Duodenotomy and Exploration, ± Blind Whipple

If not surgical candidate

Chemoembolization Cytotoxics Interferon Octreotide

1. Excise all lymph nodes in peripancreatic and periduodenal areas even if benign appearing.

2. Explore all other unusual locations for second primaries.

FIGURE 26-1. Algorithm for management of gastrinoma. IOUS = intraoperative ultrasonography.

with biochemically proven sporadic gastrinoma should undergo exploration even if localization tests fail to identify a tumor.

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