Imaging Studies

Computed tomography may identify bowel wall thickening, pneumoperitoneum, or pneumatosis intestinalis, which are all potential complications of intestinal pseudo-obstruction. Barium studies (enteroclysis or upper GI with small bowel follow-through) to examine the upper GI tract, followed by barium enema, is often required to rule out mechanical obstruction and provide evidence of intestinal dilatation secondary to pseudo-obstruction. Consideration must always be given to the risk of barium impaction should complete obstruction be present. Alternatives may include water-soluble contrast or small amounts of barium with air contrast. Barium studies may also demonstrate a lack of peristalsis (myopathic processes) or chaotic peristalsis (neuropathic processes). An upper GI series may demonstrate isolated megaduode-num or wide-mouthed intestinal diverticula, commonly seen with myopathic processes such as scleroderma. Loss of haus-tral markings, a dilated colon, or a markedly dilated and redundant colon (megacolon) may be present. Endoscopic evaluation (upper endoscopy, colonoscopy, and capsule endoscopy) for masses, strictures, or physical obstruction (or lack thereof) may aid in establishing the diagnosis of CIP.

Intestinal Distension and No Transition: Pseudoobstruction






Unclear Diagnosis or No

Identifiable Cause: Exploratory Laparotomy with Full Thickness

FIGURE 63-1. Algorithm: diagnosis of chronic intestinal pseudoobstruction. CBC = complete blood cell, CT = computed tomography, UGI = upper gastrointestinal series.

Mechanical Obstruction: Decompress and Surgery

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