Immunologically Naive

With this recognition of infectious agents being responsible for the disease, it became clear that the infectious diarrheas of travelers were basically the same as that of small children living in the areas visited. Travelers from developed countries were immunologically naive in a way similar to children born into a new environment. During the first several years of life, most children experienced these diarrheal illnesses, thereby acquiring relative immunity if they survived. Travelers from the developed world, on the other hand, had never come into contact with these diar-rheal pathogens before arriving in the developing coun try and, therefore, had no immunity and were unusually susceptible. It should be noted that this is not true for travelers from one developing country to another; they already have some immunity from their diarrheal exposures in their own country and, therefore, they experience travelers' diarrhea much less often.

Constipation Prescription

Constipation Prescription

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