Because of the well-described concept of genetic predisposition to CD, and less commonly UC, patients inquire about disease transmission to their offspring. The risk of inheriting CD is four times greater in Ashkanazae Jewish families. A positive family history, greater risk when a first degree relative, coupled with location, extent and behavior of CD influence risks. These phenotypes may provide future basis for molecular classification of IBD.

Recent data suggests that when the affected non-Jewish parent has CD the child has a 5% lifetime risk. The offspring has a 1.6% risk when the affected parent has UC (Orholm et al, 1999). Another study reports that with Jewish parents, lifetime risk to child for CD is 7.8%; if both parents have IBD, the risk to offspring may exceed 35%. The risk to the child for UC is lower in all scenarios (Yang et al, 1993).

Constipation Prescription

Constipation Prescription

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