Introduce Method

The third method of placing a feeding tube is the Russel "Introducer" method. Using the same basic principal as previously described, the stomach is insufflated following endoscope introduction, a needle is thrust into the stomach under endoscopic visualization, a short J shaped guidewire is passed through the needle, and the needle is removed. An introducer with an outer sheath is passed over the wire with a twisting motion until the sheath is clearly visible within the stomach. The introducer is withdrawn leaving only the sheath in the stomach, the gastrostomy tube with a balloon tip is then advanced through the sheath. The gastrostomy tube balloon is inflated under direct endoscopic visualization and the sheath is pealed away. The modification of this procedure is the use of T-fasteners (Versa) to avoid pneu-moperitoneum, prevent loss of gastric insufflation and to facilitate the entire procedure. The Russel technique is valuable in patients with esophageal stenosis or larger esophageal tumors. Technically, it is more difficult compared to the push or pull methods and has a higher incidence of life threatening complications.

Constipation Prescription

Constipation Prescription

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