Mallory Weiss Tears

Huang and colleagues (2002) randomized 35 patients with Mallory-Weiss tears (MWT) (oozing or spurting vessels) to either HC (mean 2.5 clips) or injection therapy (epinephrine, mean volume 7.9 mL). Primary hemostasis was achieved in every patient. In each group there was one case of recurrent bleeding, which was managed by repeating the treatments to which they had been previously randomized. There were no second episodes of recurrent bleeding, no procedure-related complications, and surgery was avoided in all patients.

MWT with active bleeding (spurting, streaming or oozing), visible vessels or fresh adhesive clots received HC in a study by Yamaguchi and colleagues (2001). Follow-up endoscopy was performed within 24 hours, after 5 days and at 1 to 2 months. Of the 58 patients with MWT, HC was performed in 26 and was technically successful in each. The average number of hemoclips used was 2.8 (range 1 to 8). No complications, recurrent bleeding episodes or deaths resulted. Follow-up endoscopy showed no evidence of hemoclip-induced tissue injury.

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