The treatment of drug-induced liver disease is focused mainly on discontinuation of the offending drug. If the offending drug cannot be pinpointed with certainty, discontinuation of drugs that have a strong temporal relationship with the clinical presentation of the patient should not be delayed. At the same time, workup to rule out other etiologies of liver disease should be initiated. Liver enzymes and measures for liver synthetic function, including biliru-bin and prothrombin time, should be monitored closely until they show improvement. Most hepatitis-type reactions improve within 1 to 2 weeks of discontinuation of the offending drug. In contrast, drug-induced cholestatic liver disease resolves much more slowly. For many individuals, discontinuation of the offending drug may be all the therapy that is needed, and the patient may not need to be hospitalized. However, for others with more severe presentations, such as ALF, supportive management in hospital is required. Symptomatic treatment may also be required, such as opioid receptor blockers for intractable pruritus or antiemetics for nausea. If the clinical condition deteriorates, transfer to a hospital that performs liver transplantation should be arranged so that liver transplantation evaluation is expedited. In general, suspected drug-induced hepatitis with overt jaundice and any degree of coagu-lopathy should be viewed as potentially life threatening. Transplantation evaluation is prudent so that further deterioration can be dealt with expeditiously.

Constipation Prescription

Constipation Prescription

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