Nasogastric Aspirate

The nasogastric aspirate (NGA) may have diagnostic merit, but it cannot be recommended as a standard for the triage of patients with NVUGIB. A retrospective study of whether NGA can predict findings at endoscopy reported that a bloody NGA was associated with the presence of a high risk lesion (HRL) at endoscopy (Aljebreen et al, 2004). However, patients from the same database without a NGA had the same rate of HRL and the same rate of endoscopic therapy, suggesting that diagnoses and treatments were not modified by the results of NGA.

Some suggest that NGA carries prognostic value whereby fresh blood is predictive of adverse outcomes (Corley et al, 1998). Further randomized trials are needed to determine whether NGA may improve preendoscopic risk stratification of patients with NVUGIB. The role of NGA in monitoring patients after primary endoscopic hemostasis has yet to be determined.

Constipation Prescription

Constipation Prescription

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